I’m making a game!

I’ve been kinda busy lately, because…. I’M MAKING A GAME! (I love saying those words :p)

I say making a game… I’m really just creating the pretties for it. All the programming and coding malarky is down to the lovely guys at Drop Dead Interactive. It’s almost there really. I just have the UI assets to finish and then some tweaking here and there. There may be a few modifications being made to the main character from the image shown below. The further I get into the design process, the more I feel I can improve my original concepts. It’s the most fabulous viscious circle I’ve ever been in!

early concept

I’ll be uploading more info on the game once it’s complete and available for all you wonderful people to download onto your beloved iOS and Android devices. But for now, I best get my head down and finish it!

You should check out the dudes at DDI though. They have a few exciting games coming up soon!

DDI Cover photo


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