A painting a day.

This is one of those weeks where I just need to throw myself into my painting. So! I’m gonna do a painting a day. (Well, a painting every day I’m not in a green apron making coffee.) My subject is ‘happy places.’ This is my first one. I still think it needs some tweaks, but this exercise needs to be a little more about speed…let’s see how I do!


So here’s my next one. As I’m keeping with the concept ‘happy places,’ this is perhaps my geeky sci-fi happy place. I think I’m either completely lost in a film and I’ve been transported from the sofa into the fantasy dimension itself, or these worlds actually do exist. Either way, this was where I wanted to be today.

happy place


I’ve always wanted a big library in my house. Full of books and maps and moving ladders and armchairs and bankers lamps! I didn’t quite get to finish this so that it looked exactly how I pictured it in my head, but I think this is one I’d like to go back to and work into with some more details and lighting.

happy place


I was reminiscing about when I visited Hawaii and some of the breathtaking sunsets that I was able to see on the island, Ohau. So I think I wanted to try and re create one of those memories. I couldn’t spend too long on this, as social times were waiting in the form of Grand Theft Auto and a tub of ice cream. Hey, at least I’m honest! :p

happy place


Gaming with friends is always happy, right! I’ve also been listening to an amazing band called Deaf Havana all week and I find their lyrics really resonate with me. So I went for more of a graphic design feel with this piece.

happy place


Sometimes I find the inexplainable happy. You look through a telescope and in an instant, life seems so much more than you could ever really imagine. I like the feeling of knowing there is just an infinite space around our tiny Earth bubble. As humans, we have a tendancy to only believe what is proven or only what we can physically see. The more I think about what COULD be real, the more I find life actually pretty bloody cool. :p All my brush strokes in this painting make it look like some sort of Harry Potter magic. But all this is out there. Somewhere.


I’m returning to the Big Apple in December and this definitely has to be a happy place, especially around Christmas time. It’s like being in a magical winter wonderland and I CAN’T WAIT. I guess this is more of an impression of New York rather than an exact representation. I just painted a bunch of blocks in the hope that it would eventually resemble Times Square! (:


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