Manchester Game Jam!

So I thought I’d finally get myself involved in one of these wonderful game jams! I’ve seen friends take part in the past and watched them take place on various scales all over the world but always felt a little shy and scared to walk into one of these things and go HEY! WHO NEEDS AN ARTIST?!

But last week, that’s exactly what I did.

Now this jam was a one day event, which was actually great because I think we were all quite surprised at just how much you can achieve in such a short space of time. The themes we were given were cows, mutation, fire, submarines and trading. It was awesome to see that almost all the games shown at the end of the day involved cows somewhere. I guess everyone loves cows, right! 😀

I partnered up with two immensely talented dudes. Sound Designer, Jey and Indie Developer, Phi. Our different areas of expertise just bounced off one another’s straight away and it was a great experience of working with new people and a super successful first jam for me. (Please check out Phi’s amazing upcoming Indie title at and Jey’s audio wizardry at

I’ll try to keep the waffling to a minimum now so here is a collection of some of the artwork I made throughout the day. I was mainly responsible for UI and splash pages etc. I also did the UV texturing for the environment and cows.

Here’s a little demo of Mootation Arena.  It makes a great multiplayer and we had some ace power up ideas and lots of thoughts on how we could have developed it further if it had been a longer jam. Who knows, maybe it’s a project we could return to at a later date!

If you’ve been thinking about coming down to one of these game jams but find the prospect a little daunting (much like myself), I’d say take a deep breath and get yourself down! In the space of just eight hours, I made some great new friends and learnt a whole bunch of new approaches and skills in game development.


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