Sometimes, you have one of those weeks where you just wanna whoop everyone’s ass. I guess I was having one of those.

: D



The joys of speed painting.

Speed painting can sometimes be a little hit and miss. I’ve not done it for a little while but had another whizz at it yesterday. I’d say this was a 90 minute piece. Though I was drinking earl grey tea and munching on lemon shortbreads for the duration, so I could perhaps knock twenty minutes or so off for re- fuelling! I’m pretty happy with the colours and composition. I guess a little more detail wouldn’t hurt but either way, I think I need to do more of these….

 environment copy

Here I go again. Another leap of faith.

Painting and drawing really has been my saviour these past couple of months. I guess it’s a little like getting lost in a video game or an awesome book. I just manage to escape into another world and forget about the bad stuff. I always want to trust everyone and see the goodness in everybody. The fact that there is an exceptionally large amount of not so great people in the world that upset and disappoint you is a difficult thing for me to wrap my head around. Happiness is key and maybe there are only a select few that walk along life’s path with you that truly make you happy.

Screen shot 2012-11-07 at 10.41.52

Looking at the positives, (cause hey, I do like to be optimistic) … the more heartache I have to endure, the more my artwork seems to improve. I’ve thrown myself into this whole heartedly for the first time in a while and I really feel like I’m starting to see some results. I just want to improve my skills day by day and when I think about what I was creating a year ago, it feels like I’ve come quite a long way. I question whether my passion for conceptual art is more so than my passion for animating. I know my career lies within this industry somewhere but I’m still on the quest of discovering just what it is.

Although the latter half of this year is no doubt the toughest I’ve had in my life, I still feel that little glowing light of ambition burning bright inside. Life really is what you make it. And I don’t plan on wasting mine.

Here is another recent painting of mine, inspired by World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. This was an enjoyable piece to work on because environments aren’t usually my bag. But it’s definitely an area I’d like to continue with and see where I can push it.

Also, I had a whizz at speed painting and managed this one in an hour. As you can see, not quite as much detail in shading and tone so it’s lacking a little three dimensional depth but I was still happy with the finished piece, as I am usually the slowest and most meticulous painter on Earth.